Arborio Junmai
Namagenshu Sake
Sake Wien – 750ml

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The Future of Sake

Snow mountain spring water, organic Japonica rice from Italy, and intensive manual work are the ingredients of this unique expression of Premium Sake.

Produced in the heart of Vienna, following traditional Japanese techniques, bio-dynamic principles, and available in limited numbers only.

The current batch surprises with strong fruity notes of pear, lychee, and honey melon, a rich ricey mouth feel and a pleasant touch of sweetness, followed by a hint of almond.

Unfiltered, undiluted, unpasteurized.
Minimal polished.

Certified Organic
Rice: 100% Arborio (Oryza sativa japonica)
Polishing grade: 90%
Alcohol: 17,4% vol.
Nihonshudo: +7,2


Lieferzeit: 2-4 Werktage

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